ZenChats with Zeneca

#31 - Protecting your NFTs with Fonz from Tokenproof

June 16, 2022 Zeneca/ZenChats Episode 31
ZenChats with Zeneca
#31 - Protecting your NFTs with Fonz from Tokenproof
Show Notes

Fonz joins me for this awesome episode of ZenChats. He created Tokenproof, a web3 business that introduces safe token-gating solutions, enabling users to prove ownership of NFTs without connecting or even carrying their wallets.

In this episode, we talk about Fonz pre-NFTs, how Tokenproof was created, how it works, their plans, and building in web3.

I highly recommend this episode to anyone who is in the NFT space. Tokenproof is a tool that we will be using a lot, especially IRL.

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Also, you can check out the video version on the ZenAcademy YouTube channel by clicking the link below 🎥

0:00 Intro
0:51 Fonz pre-NFTs
7:13 How Tokenproof was created
10:42 How Tokenproof works
15:20 Tokenproof Founder's Circle
21:06 Technical side of Tokenproof
26:30 Future of Tokenproof and pain points
30:00 Cross-chain plans and POAPs
33:16 Building in web3
37:40 Where to find Tokenproof & Fonz's final words

Fonz's Twitter
Tokenproof's Twitter

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