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#26: Reinvigorate imagination w/ Lost Children of Andromeda (Jason Primrose)

May 24, 2022 Zeneca
ZenChats with Zeneca
#26: Reinvigorate imagination w/ Lost Children of Andromeda (Jason Primrose)
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Jason Michael Primrose joins me for this episode of ZenChats. With his sci-fi novel series "The Lost Children of Andromeda," he is the creator and author of a fantastical universe that he has been weaving since he was just a kid. We discuss Jason's creative path that spans several industries, the dystopian future universe in which the story is set, how they developed an immersive discord experience that is significantly different from typical NFT products, specifics on the mint, and more.

I highly recommend this episode to anyone who is interested in the art of storytelling and wants to learn more about creating a genuinely immersive NFT experience.

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Lost Children of Andromeda & Jason:
Passport NFT Website
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Jason's Creative Background
The Year 2052: Countdown to the apocalypse
When did you first become aware of NFTs?
From concept to execution
LCOA, an immersive experience from the start
The passport NFT
CYNQUE - The core technology of the 2052 ecosystem
Why 1111 NFTs and what's planned after that?
What is your long-term vision for LCOA?
How do you address intellectual property for LCOA?
What is your dream collaboration?
Introducing the team
Details on the mint - how to get involved?
Final thoughts and closing