ZenChats with Zeneca

#28: The story of an NFT Artist's journey w/ Amber Vittoria

June 05, 2022 Zeneca
ZenChats with Zeneca
#28: The story of an NFT Artist's journey w/ Amber Vittoria
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In this episode of ZenChats, I speak with Amber Vittoria. Amber is a poet and artist based in New York City. Her work attempts to express the complexities of women through simple abstracted form, ribbons of color, and joyful words. We talk about her path to becoming an artist, her inspiration, and how NFTs may have a significant impact on an artist's artistic journey. 

I highly recommend this episode to anyone interested in Amber's journey to becoming a successful NFT artist, as well as anyone thinking about creating some NFT art themselves. Also, make sure to check out Amber's work at the sites below.

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Amber Vittoria
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Daniel Evans
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Intro & Amber Welcome
How did you become an artist?
When did NFTs enter the picture?
Buying a Cryptopunk instead of a car
High entry barriers for artists who get into NFTs
Where do you find your inspiration?
The most challenging part about being an artists
Advice for aspiring NFT artists
Amber's creative process
Networking in Web3 = hanging out with like-minded people
Amber's upcoming book
What would be your dream collaboration?
Museums as a source of inspiration
"Memories Of A Masterpiece", Amber's new collection
Favourite generative artist
Closing thoughts & Outro