ZenChats with Zeneca

#16: Fundraising for Charity in Web3 w/ Etched

May 13, 2022 Zeneca
ZenChats with Zeneca
#16: Fundraising for Charity in Web3 w/ Etched
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In today's ZenChats, I speak with Brett and Ediz, the founders of Etched. Etched and its upcoming Prosocialites NFT Drop are doing something very different from the majority of NFT ventures. In short, it is a fundraising platform that raises money for charity by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies such as NFTs. They have a lot of events planned, including their Met(a) Gala later this year. We discuss that as well as how the idea came together and how they are bridging charity and NFTs.

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What is Etched?
Origin of the idea & Timeline
What is Prosocialites?
Long-term vision
Approaching charities
Staying flexible in an ever-changing market
MET(a) Gala in the Metaverse
Thoughts on scammers & safety
Changing NFT narrative
Connection & Community is key
Turning stories into charity