ZenChats with Zeneca

#14: Helping builders build w/Asteria Labs

May 13, 2022 Zeneca
ZenChats with Zeneca
#14: Helping builders build w/Asteria Labs
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I'm happy to be joined on today's edition of ZenChats by the Team behind Asteria Labs. They are a collaborative web 3 tech firm formed by the founders of EthaliensNFT and DuhverseNFT that assists founders in building their projects. We discuss their journey thus far, smart contract innovations, and the actual development of NFT projects from the smart contract side, among other topics.

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Asteria Labs:

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The team
Merging communities
Building the super bot
Voxelviewer and enhancing User Interface
Evolution of smart contracts
Asteria Labs and its services
How to get in touch
NFTs are misunderstood
Events IRL and the NFT community bubble
Upcoming Lamb PX collection
Talking Ethaliens with founder artmcarty
Ethalians Discord currency & economy
Beginner's guide to smart contracts
Experience as a Female founder in Web 3.0