ZenChats with Zeneca

#11: Revolutionizing the fitness industry through NFTs w/ MOVΞ

May 12, 2022 Zeneca
ZenChats with Zeneca
#11: Revolutionizing the fitness industry through NFTs w/ MOVΞ
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The team behind MOVΞ is featured in today's edition of Zenchats. MOVΞ is a health and fitness platform that uses Web 3 technologies to challenge the traditional fitness business model. They are developing a membership NFT that will provide you with members-only perks within the MOVΞ ecosystem, such as direct access to coaches, sports classes, leveling your NFT according to how active you are, and challenges within a tight-knight community. Their intention is to keep each other engaged and active while moving towards the goal of creating healthy and sustainable habits.

If you're interested in how MOVΞ is attempting to disrupt the traditional fitness sector using  NFT technology, don't miss this episode.
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The team behind MOVΞ
What inspired the idea?
What is MOVΞ
What does a membership include?
Details on the App with lots of features
Membership tiers
Dynamic NFTs and leveling your NFT?
Access to personal coaches
Presale spot through walking?
Digital Detox and creating healthy habits
Details on the tech
Showing what use cases are possible with NFTs
How to get involved
Cooking night on Discord and many other events
Delivering a product on day 1